zhu wei qiu


The basic information

zhu wei qiu

School of mechanics, Civil Engineering and Architecture


Work Experience

     Zhu Weiqiu was born in Yi Wu city, Zhejiang Province, China in 1938. He graduated from NPU with a master degree in Nonlinear Vibration in 1964. He worked in China Aircraft Structure Strength Research Institute from 1967 to 1975 and then in Zhejiang University up to now. At present, he is a professor and director of Institute of Applied Mechanics, Zhejiang University. Meanwhile, he visited University of Wisconsin-Madison, MIT, Florida Atlantic University, University of New York at Buffalo, Kyoto University, etc. He was elected as a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003. He started to work in NPU as a professor in 2005.

     He was a member of International Association for Structural Safety and Reliability (IASSR), Stochastic Method Committee of IASSR, and Standing Council of Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Vice Chairman of Chinese Society of Vibration Engineering. Now he is Chairman of Zhejiang Society of Theoretical and Applied, editing member of 5 SCI international Journals.

Scientific Research

        Prof. Zhu's research interest is mainly focused on nonlinear stochastic dynamics and control as well as stochastic FEM and stochastic fatigue and fracture. He proposed and developed nonlinear stochastic dynamics and control in Hamiltonian formulation. He published 2 books, 2 conference proceedings and more than 200 SCI cited journal papers. His books and papers were cited more than 2000 times.

Awards Information

Second Class of National Science Award in 2002
First Class of China University Science and Technology Awards in2001
Second Class of National Education Council Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in 1995
Outstanding Award for Science and Technology Books of China in 1995
Special Allowance from the State Council of China from 1994